About Us

Our Family

Sunrise Bee Company is a family-run sideline beekeeping operation in rural North Branch, MN managed by Greg and his wife, Sara, along with their 3 budding entomologists…or make that 2 since not everyone is crazy about the bees!



Our Values

We are non-migratory beekeepers who believe that healthy, productive bees come from local adaptation, careful stock selection, a minimum of inputs, and a diverse environment conducive to all pollinators.

Host a Hive

Are you interested in having bees on your property, but don’t have the knowledge or time to keep them yourself?  Do you want more pollinators around your garden, orchard, or field?  We will keep several colonies on your land and offer some honey in return.



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We offer raw, unfiltered, unheated honey produced from various locations around North Branch, MN.





Limited availability of Minnesota mutts, queens produced from generations of stock located year-round in North Branch, MN.